wwi brass era

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Get your car rockin'! Buying a new car? If you want to install a custom stereo system, you will need another power source besides the head unit (the CD player or tape player in older cars). Amplifiers power the speakers and come in a variety of power and channel configurations. A channel is basically one power outlet per speaker. Amplifiers (or amps as they are also called) have anywhere from two to six channels. If you have a subwoofer, you may want to consider installing a separate amplifier off which to power the subwoofer. Some sites have low shipping charges, some base their shipping charges on distance, and some have flat rate shipping fees regardless of location. Since shipping charges vary depending on site or seller, it makes it important to check for shipping charges first before buying to see if you are willing to pay for their shipping rates. Deal with companies or individuals that you know by reputation or experience. If you are not familiar with the company, do some research. Reliable on-line merchants will post plenty of information about themselves, their location, their phone and fax numbers and details like their membership in organizations such as the Better Business Bureau.