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Some Browsers will warn you if you ever try to access an invalid, expired or revoked certificate. If you choose to ignore this warning and proceed to the site, your address bar will turn red. Unlike OEM parts, which are made by the bike’s original manufacturer or an authorized part supplier, aftermarket motorcycle parts are made by a third party. The nature of aftermarket parts is such that the third party is not authorized by or in any way connected with the manufacturer of the bike, but it does use the company’s specifications to make parts that will fit the motorcycles made by that company. Wear-and-tear coverage provides coverage for parts that break and parts that wear out prematurely. When shopping around for a car warranty, pay attention to whether the various plans include wear-and-tear coverage. Many warranty companies have wear-and-tear exclusions, including many of the things that are most likely to wear out as your car ages such as struts, piston rings, valves and other expensive components. If you see the term "break down" in a contract, chances are the part literally needs to break in order for it to be covered by the warranty. Ethical warranty companies that offer wear-and-tear coverage will use the term "failure" to indicate coverage of any component that fails to perform as it should-- regardless of whether or not it actually broke (that's what you want).

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