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Since it entered the motorcycle market in 1923, BMW has consistently aimed to solidify its reputation with riders. Five types of motorcycles carry the BMW name, and each one is designed to provide something different to consumers.BMW Enduros are a dual-purpose bike: street-legal motorcycles built for off-road adventuring. These sturdy bikes incorporate heavy, durable components and include protective hand guards, skid plates, and engine guards. BMW manufactures these bikes with adventuring in mind, so Enduros include features suitable for long-distance, such as windshields and comfortable seats. The Enduro category of BMW motorcycle suits riders looking for a reliable, versatile bike capable of long-distance tours and off-road exploration yet still want a bike legal for driving on highways and streets.Every design element of BMW motorcycles in the Sport classification emphasizes the purpose of a sport bike: acceleration, braking, maneuverability, and speed. These machines feature high-performance engines and lightweight frames for powerful, efficient speed and rigid geometry for the stability required at high speeds. BMW's Sport bikes have the tail-up and head-down design standard in this motorcycle niche. Extraneous items weighing a bike down hamper speed and fuel efficiency, so bikes in BMW's Sports category are stripped of excess bodywork.The BMW Roadster category refers to minimalist machines for the road. These fully capable machines emphasize essential equipment and do not sport items considered by motorcycle purists as "creature comforts." Roadster bikes perfectly suit motorcycle enthusiasts who want a bike they can customize and those who enjoy pure, original bikes. Although these bikes are ready to ride as manufactured, bikers who enjoy modifying their rides to individual specifications enjoy BMW Roadsters. Add some style to the way you ride and get some new motorcycle helmet stickers for your lid. Look for some cool sticker kits and you can also find popular logos. Slap some decals on your bike that will have you starting at your ride in the garage for hours.
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