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One of the beauties of buying a new car is the new car warranty. But don't be fooled. New car warranties generally only cover major systems. You will be responsible for all out-of-pocket routine maintenance costs. In fact, if you fail to properly maintain the vehicle, including keeping your service records, according to the manufacturer's recommended guidelines, you could end up voiding your warranty. Make sure you read your owner's manual and understand both the terms of any applicable warranties as well as all routine maintenance requirements required to keep your warranty in force. Get rewarded. Join your preferred merchants' commitment programs, by making your refund on your purchases, plus other large amounts. Do not forget to enter your commitment number each time you go shopping. The top box may also be an after-market fitment. Original equipment versions may be removable or an essential part of the bike, and may be fitted with the motorbike rear lights, and a backrest for a passenger. A trunk or top-box is a storage compartment fitted behind the seat, frequently complementing panniers or saddlebags.

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