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The four-wheel design offers the car with stability to get through all types of terrain. All-terrain cars (ATVs) are a terrific way to get around and have some fun in off-road circumstances. Like any motorized car, ATVs can have engine difficulties, so it is a smart idea to get to know the parts of the engine. Many ATVs are developed with one rider in mind, although there are a few ATVs that accommodate a passenger. In years past, cowboys would put twin bags that were joined by a strip of leather over a horse, either on the saddle or directly behind it. Motorcycle saddlebags are descendants of the saddle bags that were used on horses. These bags were used for selling provisions, ammunition and personal effects, and because of their close proximity to the saddle, they earned the name "saddle bags." Today, motorcycle saddlebags are used for similar purposes, minus selling ammunition. Bikers use saddlebags to sell food, personal effects, tools and anything else that they might need during a ride. Because of their stylish look, they are extremely popular and are used on most motorcycles. In particular, Harley-Davidson motorcycles have a reputation of utilizing saddle bags, and most bikes that are on the road from their company have saddle bags on them. Saddle bags should be an integral part of every bikers accessory kit. They can be bought in many different sizes, shapes and colors to conform to each individual biker's tastes and needs.

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